Don’t Let Obstacles Prevent You From Expanding Your Business

Life isn’t always easy for small businesses, but financing can make a huge difference. Whether you’re trying to expand your sales or increase your work capabilities, capital can help you reach your goals. At Rai Commercial Capital, we provide unsecured business lines of credit that cover equipment, inventory, real estate expansion, and much more.

Who Can Qualify for Unsecured Business Lines of Credit?

A line of credit is especially useful for new and small businesses because it makes capital available at any time of the month or year, without any collateral requirements. As a small business owner, getting the right line of credit is relatively simple. Here are a few basic requirements:

  • Average credit rating
  • Two years in business
  • Consistent sales
  • Growth goals

You don’t need an excellent credit score or perfect cash flow to qualify. We work with many small businesses, so we’re reasonable when it comes to qualifying factors. We want to help you grow, not get in your way.

What Can You Expect With a Business Line of Credit?

Once you have your new line of credit, countless doors open up. You can use the funds for any needs you have, from covering lease payments to hiring new employees. The process is similar to having a credit card, but the terms are better for your business.

To see the details for yourself, contact us right away.