Can Purchase Order Financing Help Your Business?

In the competitive business world, many companies function by offering presold merchandise to consumers. When a company does not have the funding to purchase inventory to fill orders and keep customers happy, applying for purchase order financing from Rai Commercial Capital can be a great solution.

How Does a Purchase Order Loan Work?

When a customer purchases a product from your company, you fill the order with items from your inventory. When you do not have the product on hand and do not have the cash to buy or manufacture it, you can apply for a purchase order loan that gives you the funds to fill the order.

What Are the Benefits of a Purchase Order Loan?

Unlike other avenues of financing that require businesses to have excellent credit to qualify, purchase order loans are approved based on the credit score of the customer making the purchase. It is a financing solution that is available to any business that deals with presold merchandise, including new startups that are still trying to build a good business reputation.

Apply Today

Securing a purchase order loan is a great way to ensure you fill customer orders in a timely manner.  Contact Rai Commercial Capital today to see how you can benefit from purchase order financing.