Fast and Accessible Fix and Flip Financing

As a house flipper, your main concerns are getting a great deal on homes and adding the right improvements to boost the resale price significantly. To reach those goals, you need financing. Unfortunately, conventional mortgages can be more trouble than they’re worth. At Rai Commercial Capital, we provide fix and flip financing designed to make your life easier.

Financing With Simple Requirements

We know how important flexibility and speed are for your project goals. That’s why we keep the requirements simple:

  • Funds based on the property you want to purchase, not your credit score
  • Average credit rating acceptable
  • Excellent interest rates and loan-to-value ratios
  • Comfortable terms for repayment

We generally process fix and flip financing in under 10 days. That way, you can focus on closing quickly instead of worrying about loan approval.

Lines of Credit for Extensive Remodeling

If your team handles remodeling for many properties throughout the year, a line of credit may be the ideal financing option for your needs. With fix and flip credit lines, you have incredible flexibility for purchasing and remodeling different residential properties. You can enjoy maximum speed for completing your projects and making profits.

To learn more about these trustworthy financing solutions, contact us right away.