When you’re working in the field of real estate investing, you know how important it is to ensure you receive a healthy return on your investments. People who are in this kind of business strive to keep their buildings occupied and their tenants happy. If you’re interested in adding to your business or making more out of your current property, then there are a few ways that you can accomplish this. Taking the time to expand your horizons may not only generate more income for you, but it can help people in need at the same time.

Fulfill a Public Need

If you haven’t already explored the subject, there’s much you can learn about commercial real estate that can become public housing. Many cities suffer from a lack of affordable dwellings for people of lower economic status. Usually, this venture could be completed by purchasing a building in an area with the most need and converting it into safe and accessible housing units. People who live in these types of homes typically get some or all of their rent subsidized by the government, so this does minimize some of the risks. The best part is you’d be helping people who are really in need.

Improve Existing Organizations

Many non-profit organizations in economically disadvantaged parts of town suffer from a lack of proper services. Sometimes, all that’s needed is to transfer to a better building in order to continue their operations. If you were to purchase a piece of commercial real estate and then rent it to an organization in need, you would be a wonderful thing to help many people. Because many non-profit organizations receive funding to help with operating costs, this could be helpful to guarantee a portion of the tenant’s rent each month.

Enlighten Future Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been a very successful investor for most of your career, then it might be a good idea to volunteer your free time to help others. Many organizations need the help of experienced professionals to coach new business owners toward success. When you can share direct experiences with other people looking for advice, you could make a lasting positive impact on their lives. Sharing the wealth of information might leave you with a warm feeling at the end of the day.

Doing more with your businesses doesn’t always mean earning more money. When you help other people, you set an example that many people can follow and learn from.