Corporate culture defines how your company helps customers, makes decisions, solves problems, manages employees, and communicates, especially when the topic is challenging. Your culture also guides celebrations and something as simple as your building and its layout. These are ways you can build and spread a positive culture.

Post Your Corporate Values

When you started your company, you should have created a business plan that outlined your corporate values. If you didn’t build a plan, you probably developed values even if you didn’t write them down formally. One of the best ways to spread your desired culture includes sharing them with your staff. Post them on bulletin boards and in common areas where your employees and managers can see them often. When you have formal or staff meetings, talk about them.

Establish a Purpose That Does Not Revolve Around Profits

First, consider why you started your company. What problem or pain point did you want to address for your clients? Your staff needs more motivation than making the company profitable and lining executive pockets. They need to feel that their jobs have a larger purpose and that they help people in some way.

Pursue Open Communication

Your staff needs to feel comfortable talking to you and their managers about anything. They need to understand what is going on in the company and why. You should keep communication open throughout your organization.

Also, don’t rely on written communication, such as emails and memos. Take time to walk around the company and get to know the employees. Ask them how things are and what you can do for them. Talk to them about their jobs and even surface personal topics. You may even choose to invite one or more employees to lunch every so often.

Celebrate Achievements

Your team members need to know you appreciate their hard work. They also need to feel like their jobs are not a series of tasks without an end game. Therefore, celebrate your company’s achievements and especially those of your staff. When you work on a project and break it down into steps, celebrate when your team completes major steps. Also, create goals for yourself and encourage your team to do the same and celebrate their achievement.

Avoid Negativity

Eliminate words like “can’t” from your company talk. Instead, focus on what you can do and how you can overcome challenges or problems. Also, discourage gossip and negativity throughout your organization.

Your everyday decisions and actions reinforce different aspects of your culture and reveal your company values. Consider these tips for spreading and cultivating your corporate culture.